Based on a shared love of design, and belief that art should be for every day, we create pieces for children’s spaces that can be proudly placed throughout the entire home.

Daylight was born from our personal journeys into motherhood and an intimate understanding of the struggles that can come with even the greatest of blessings.

The sun, both our moniker and muse, is an important symbol. In the darkness of the unrelenting nights, we found solace in the simple daily ritual of walking outside and turning our faces to the sky. To us, the sun represents newness and an opportunity each day to begin again.

In a world awash with the monotonous dominance of neutrality, we believe in the transformative power of colour and how, even in small measures, it can infuse everyday life with joy. Our pieces are hand painted using the finest materials, each brushstroke perfectly imperfect, a true celebration of colour for the modern home.

Art for now, and so much more to come.

Tori and Libby ✺